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"[The client is] very pleased with you guys and all you had done for him. Thanks so much for your hard work. I was tickled to get a borrower back to me who is looking good and I didn’t have to do anything but give him your number. Thanks so much! I am making sure to pass the word around my office." -Kelli

"To those who are considering doing business with Score.

I considered using them for my business about a year ago. Myself, as someone whose reputation in this field is built on being super custom and following through with everything I say to my clients, I liked the idea of outsourcing to them but was wary of what the quality would be like. A few months later I caught a webinar in which they revealed their process and I was extremely impressed with their system. They have it down to a science and their experience really shows. I was immediately convinced that quality would not be an issue and would actually be stepped up a few notches by outsourcing to them.

Since then, in getting to know Josh and Joel over a few phone conversations, and their webinars quickly becoming regular in my schedule, I've grown to know that they are both true businessmen.

I admire their down-to-earthness and genuine class.

Example: Joel went out of his way to explain to me some Excel methods that I had posted a question about to my circle on facebook. Totally caught me by surprise and I took him up on it.

Josh scheduled an hour out of his day to make sure I didn't have any gaps in my knowledge about the process for Fed tax liens, just because I had asked a question about it.

They both have superb knowledge and I soak up as much as possible from them.

And with Score's system being directly related to my business' success, they're an excellent group of people to be doing business with. " -Danny, CreditWise, Los Angeles

"I just want to share a very positive experience with you……A realtor just called me and said that he posted a request on a realtors board for a reputable credit repair provider and he said that within minutes he received at least 50 replies pointing him to me. I understand that marketing has a part in this but it is also a result of the service levels and results I can achieve by having you guys backing me up.

I couldn't have done it without your support." -Kim

"In the first three months of this year, I have invoiced within $1300 of what I earned IN THE ENTIRE YEAR LAST YEAR. I sent the first email to you asking for help or advice on April 29, 2012 - amazing what a good coach and mentor can do for your business.  I am sure this year will get even better.  Thank you so much for everything you have done for me." -Kelly Wells

"My company Credit Repair Consultant’s has been shopping far and wide for the best price/service when it comes to a professional credit repair software and outsourcing company. Your prices, services and support are among the best I have ever seen in the Industry, especially the knowledge you have in the credit repair business is by far the best I have ever seen. Since my company has been utilizing the outsourcing services of Score, I myself have gained invaluable information regarding the credit repair industry. Giving everything that they have done for me, I would strongly suggest using the services that Score has to offer.Sincerely," -Charles Parker, Phoenix

"Hi Joshua: Not only do you do my disputes for my clients but apparently you are also a Computer Tech Guru too!  Last Thursday you helped me access your Members Only section of ScoreInc.com.  You went above and beyond by helping me fix my internet options to view accurately your webinars and text content.  I'm not a "computer" type person and you were very patient and helpful.  Thanks for all you do,"  -Cheryl

"Outsourcing one of your services is a very delicate decision, especially if you are new in the business. I needed a company that was fair and efficient and spent months trying to find the best fit. Finally, I came across Score.inc through an article that listed the top credit repair outsourcing companies in the industry.  Since I signed up with them, I not only gained invaluable pertinent information but also received the personal attention I needed. Joshua and his team are great! I know that my clients are in very capable hands." -Fabiola N.

"Score Team, You guys are a god-send.; You are constantly teaching and not just trying to sell us something every day but actually teaching things that work. " -Greg

"I want to thank the team at Score. I am a person that feels very responsible when I take on a client in my community. I want to do a good job for them. Prior to using Score, I felt a lot of pressure to complete the disputes on time and in the best way for my client. Score has relieved this burden and helped me to stream line my business and thus I have more time to spend on my clients. I am confident in sending business to Score, I know I have a good team." -Abe

"On one file alone, I have 50 (that's right) 50 deletions! I am now getting e-mails and calls from clients saying I am amazing. Well, I tell them I am very good at educating and advising on the five areas that effect their FICO scores but it is Score's dispute letters that are really making the difference. It's like I was told at bootcamp 'Do what you do best and delegate the rest!' " -Bob

"Dear Score: Thank you for the excellent service and staff! […] From the outset, Joshua and his staff showed true professionalism and clarity in explaining their credit repair services, their particular dispute plan, and its implementation. It is a pleasure to work closely with Score, and I think we all agree that the outcome so far has been truly remarkable and very satisfactory for all concerned.

The very comprehensive and excellent quality that Score has provided on your end has allowed us to concentrate less on dispute process and more on cultivating new clients and the further growth of our company.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a product and service truly professional and cost effective. The credit goes to your company for a level of service and professionalism that exceeded our expectations. - Jessica Cerrato, U.S. Credit Defense"

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