Why US

About Scoreinc.com

Are you thinking about starting your own credit services business? Or maybe you’ve been in the business for a while now, but you’re looking for ways to grow your company to get more clients and to be more efficient at what you do.

Whatever stage you are at in running your credit services business, you don’t have to go it alone. Scoreinc.com was founded by experts in the credit services industry – experts that have credit services business solutions for you so that you can minimize your cost and increase your revenue.

Why Scoreinc.com

Money and time are big issues when it comes to starting or running any business! The professionals at Scoreinc.com know this, and that’s why they have developed an easy-to-use software so you can make your credit services business run more efficiently, streamline your business, save more money, and win more clients.

You can invest your time concentrating on growing your business with sales!

Our Core Values:

1) We give our team the knowledge and opportunity to grow within the company.

2) We focus on compliance in everything we do.

3) We treat our team with respect, and they treat our customers as royalty.

4) We are customer-centric, empowering them to succeed and believe in their dreams.

5) We trust our employees to do the right things; knowing the truth is always the best answer.

6) We practice open and real communication by being optimistic that we will overcome any challenge.

7) We check our egos at the door.

8) We believe in continuous improvement and working together to succeed.

9) We do what we say we will do on time.

At Scoreinc.com, we understand that perfection is overrated,and we learn from our failures. Our failures and experiences have brought us where we are today: 8 years in business and counting the hundreds of companies and thousands of customers that we have helped over the years.